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Hey BK – The Brooklyn Podcast with Ofer Cohen

Mar 3, 2019

HeyBK host Ofer Cohen speaks with Jared Della Valle & AJ Pires, the founders of Alloy, LLC, a DUMBO-based development and architecture firm. Jared and AJ explain how meeting through a mutual friend turned into a life-long friendship, successful business, and a true Brooklyn story. Their joint passion and ideas about responsible development, keen architecture, open lines of communication, and love for the neighborhood of DUMBO have played a key role in their accomplishments. Alloy is also incredibly unique in that it is one of the only firms to be a true developer and architect in one, embracing the best aspects of both worlds. With both of their families residing in DUMBO, Jared and AJ are proof that you can live, work and play all in the same place.